About Us

Michael, the principal builder at Phoenix Building has over 15 years experience in building new homes, renovations and extensions. Phoenix Building’s focus has traditionally been on homestead, Victorian and period architecture projects, specializing in matching existing structures with new designs to ensure an aesthetically beautiful, highly functional and efficient As Australian Building Regulations and Standards shift to an even greater focus on environmentally friendly designs. Phoenix Building has responded with a strong eco-friendly focus, turning an efficient space into an environmentally efficient space.

If you would like to make your project as environmentally efficient as possible, Phoenix Building will work with you, in combining new and recycled materials in a passive building design, as well as ensuring all services and products work together to achieve a cohesive outcome. This can be accomplished through the employment of innovative materials and services, sourcing local products, understanding changes in local environments, and best use of space.

The long-term approach of Phoenix Building aims to ensure the best and most efficient outcome for the future is achieved- for both you the client, and the environment.